Inductee Spotlight

The NC Literary Hall of Fame Comes to Durham!

On Tuesday, May 5, three 2014 inductees of the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame talked about the roads that people travel to become celebrated poets.

The Durham County Library hosted Betty Adcock, Jaki Shelton Green, and North Carolina poet laureate Shelby Stephenson in an event sponsored by Jacar Press, a community-active publishing company. The panel was moderated by Richard Krawiec.

From Betty’s lyrical lines about life’s beauties and difficulties, to Jaki’s passionate exploration of gender and ethnicity, to Shelby’s down home verses about the Old South becoming new, the conversation was deep and wide-ranging.

Click on the link at right to listen to the stories and poems of three of North Carolina’s most celebrated writers and personalities.

The video was produced by Jacar Press in conjunction with the Durham County Library.