Books by Ronald H. Bayes

A Beast in View: Selected Shorter Poems, 1970-1980. Laurinburg, NC: St. Andrews Press, 1985.
Cages and Journeys. Ilfracombe, UK: Arthur H. Stockwell, 1964.
The Casketmaker: Selected Shorter Poems, 1960-1970. Winston-Salem, NC: John F. Blair, Publisher.F. Blair, 1972.
Child Outside My Window, and Other Poems. La Grande, OR: Bear Press, 1965. LIMITED PRINTING (150 copies)
Constructions. Tokyo: Novabear Press, 1967. LIMITED PRINTING (200 copies)
Dust and Desire. Ilfracombe, UK: Arthur H. Stockwell, 1962.
Fram. Atlanta: Pynyon Press, 1979.
Guises: A Chainsong for the Muse : New & Selected Poems, 1970-1990. Orono, ME: Northern Lights Press, 1992.
History of the Turtle: Books I-IV. Homestead, FL: Olivant Press, 1970.
King of August. Laurinburg, NC: Curveship Press, 1975.
Porpoise: a Poem in 4 Sections and in 32 Books. Charlotte, NC: Red Clay Books, 1972.
Tokyo Annex (I-IV). Laurinburg, NC: St. Andrews Press, 1977. LIMITED PRINTING (500 copies)
X-Ing Warm. Portland, OR: Prensa de Lagar, 1968. LIMITED

John Reed and the Limits of Idealism. Fort Smith, AR, South and West, 1967.

Fiction under Nom de Plume Norway H. Lief
Sister City & Other Tales. Portland, Or.: Trask House, 1971.

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