Induction Ceremonies, 1997-2000

Courtesy of the Marsha Warren Collection

These photographs were taken at the induction ceremonies of 1997, 1998, and 2000. Recognize a photograph that's missing a description? E-mail with details.

The inductees of 1997 were John Ehle, Frances Gray Patton, Louis D. Rubin, Jr., and the posthumous inductions of Harriet Jacobs, Joseph Mitchell, and Sam Ragan.

The inductees of 1998 were Wilma Dykeman, John Hope Franklin, Jonathan Williams, and the posthumous inductions of John Charles McNeil and Pauli Murray.

The inductees of 2000 included A.R. Ammons, Helen Bevington, Burke Davis, and the posthumous inductions of Olive Tilford Dargan and Robert Ruark.