Books by Shelby Stephenson

Carolina Shout!: Poems. Greenville, N.C.: Greenville Printing Co., 1985.

Family Matters: Homage to July, the Slave Girl. Durham, N.C.: Bellday Books, 2008.

Fiddledeedee. Washington, D.C.: Bunny and the Crocodile Press; , 2001.

Finch’s Mash: Poems. Laurinburg, N.C.: St. Andrews Press, 1990.

Greatest Hits, 1978-2000. Johnstown, Ohio: Pudding House Publications, 2002.

The Hunger of Freedom. Princeton, N.J.: Red Dashboard LLC Publishing, 2014.

Middle Creek Poems. Laurinburg, N.C.: Blue Coot Press, 1979.

The Past. Hillsborough, N.C.: S. Stephenson, 1999.

The Persimmon Tree Carol. Troy, Maine.: Nightshade Press, 1990.

Plankhouse, with photographs by Roger Manley. Rocky Mount, N.C.: North Carolina Wesleyan College Press, 1993.

Playing Dead: Poems. Georgetown, Kentucky.: Finishing Line Press, 2011.

Play My Music Anyhow: Poems. Georgetown, Kentucky.: Finishing Line Press, 2013.

Poor People: Poems. Troy, Maine: Nightshade Press, 1998.

Possum. Treadwell, N.Y.: Bright Hill Press, 2004.

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